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Why doing a cut and patch job on a leaky eavestrough repair is not a solution?

Cut and patch repairs will inevitably leak and cause problems later. The proper and professional way to fix the eavestrough is to extrude a new run of eavestrough from end cap to end cap around corners not stopping until the end of the run.

How experienced are Gutter Force technicians?

Our lead tradesmen have at least ten years of experience in residential applications.

My old eavestrough keeps coming off after I hammer it back in, what should I do?

Unless the rotten wood underneath the fascia and soffit is replaced the eaves will just keep coming off as there is nothing solid to secure the screws into. In order to replace the wood, the eaves, fascia and soffit will have to be removed and replaced.

Should I cover my wood soffit with aluminum?

If your home has very uniquely designed wood soffit features that are still in good shape we suggest that you don’t cover them with aluminum soffit. But on the other hand if the wooden soffits are plain and in need of painting we can cover them in an attractive new aluminum colour, so they are maintenance free in the future.

Why should I get a new eavestrough and fascia?

New eaves and fascia will really upgrade the aesthetic look of the house and add real value for sidewalk appeal and a higher price when you sell the home.

Can you match the colour on my window trim?

Yes, we can match the color of the window trim if you think that would tie in nicely.

Why do other companies give me lower quotes?

You may get other quotes from other companies which could be lower in price but beware as workmanship on this type of installation can vary. If installed incorrectly or without attention to detail leaks and annoying dripping and major problems like basement flooding can happen.

How do I know Gutter Force is the right company for me?

If you choose Gutter Force we would install the eavestroughs professionally with care and quality workmanship that will last – Guaranteed for as long as you own your house! A straight No-Nonsense warranty. No service charges if we need to come to fix something we installed.

Does Gutter Force have a trade license?

Gutter Force is holding a Building Renovator license as per Toronto Municipal Licensing by-law.

Water is leaking into my basement. Can this be caused by old or bad eavestrouhing?

90% of basement leaks could have been avoided with proper cleaning of eavestroughs bi annually or with new eavestroughs installed. Downpipes too close the house also could be draining water out near the foundation.

Do I have to replace the eavestrough that has been pulled down from the fascia in the winter?

To reattach old eavestrough to fascia is a temporary solution. If you have older eavestrough with spikes and ferrules, we strongly recommend to replace it with new eavestrough with new heavy duty hanger brackets.

How much does it cost to reattach an old eavestrough to the fascia?

Depending on the length of eaves falling off between $250-$350.

Why does rain water splash over the 5 inch eavestrough?

With the new weather and big super storms with heavier rains water can splash over the roof with 4” and 5” eaves especially with a leaf guard product as it is a mostly solid surface. If replacing eavestroughs you should consider 6” eaves which will allow more water to be caught with minimal overflow.

Why do I need an 6 inch eavestrough instead of 5 inch?

6” inch eaves used to be only used for commercial applications like warehouses or Mega mansions. Now with the new super storms with heavy rains in a short time 6” is logical size for any house big or small to handle the rain in a short period. The wider the eavestrough the more water they catch and off- load quicker. In actual volume 6” can handle almost twice as much water and can reduce spill over in heavy storms which can lead to basement flooding.

Do Gutter Force eavestrough installation technicians have Workplace Safety and Insurance Board(WSIB) coverage?

As of January 1, 2013, the Ontario Government made WSIB coverage mandatory for all people in the construction industry including Independent operators in construction. Gutter Force can provide up-to-date WSIB Clearance Certificates for all our projects.

Do I have to check construction liability insurance before I hire an eavestrough contractor?

Hiring uninsured contractors or sub-contractors exposes you to risk. When hiring a contractor or sub-contractor, make sure each carries public liability and property damage insurance. Do your homework by taking the time to check with the insurance agency to verify that the policy is still effective and will be throughout the duration of your engagement. Gutter Force carries a $5,000,000 of Liability Insurance. Up-to-date Certificate of Liability Insurance will be provided upon request.

Why Gutter Force eavestrough cleaning method is better?

Gutter Force Eavestrough Cleaning with high powered vacuums has many benefits including no risk of falling off the ladders. We work safely from the ground, so there are no liability issues. We don’t walk on your roof so there is no damage to your roof. We don’t damage the eavestrough on your house with ladders scratching or banging them. We suck up everything in your eavestrough, leaves, mud and sand that is left behind by manual cleaning. We check all downspouts for blocks with our reverse blow method. If there is a downpipe blockage we disassemble the elbow on downpipe, clean out the block and professionally put the elbow and downpipe back together. A small charge will be billed for this extra work.

Why do I need to disconnect the downspout from city sewer system?

The cities of Toronto and Mississauga are mandating to have you disconnect your downspouts where possible. If when disconnected they could cause basement flooding or other problems you can apply for an exemption.

See toronto.ca website for details

I have pine trees in my backyard. Would gutter guards or other leaf protectors installed on my existing eavestrough be a good idea?

For pine trees you need a special type of Gutter protector that won’t allow small pine needles to get through it. The brand is Rhino Guard. It has a strong stainless steel structure with a fine mesh screen so needles cannot get through it. We install this when people have pine trees close to their house that fall onto the roof or eavestrough.

How often do I need to clean the eavestrough?

It is best to clean eaves twice a year spring and fall.

Do you clean eavestroughs in the winter?

We cannot remove debris, leaves and standing water from the eavestrough when it is frozen. We can do when temp gets warmer than 4 degrees celcius and above zero overnight so stuff in eaves is not frozen.

What does Lifetime Warranty mean?

Our Lifetime warranty means when we install new eaves , soffit or fascia we warranty them for as long as you own your home. That means any leaks anywhere caused by our workmanship or anything comes unattached we will come to fix it without any service or parts charge. Straight forward – No Bull –Guarantee. No Cost to you.

We look after you as our valued customer for as long as you own the house.


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