Eavestroughs and gutters are a part of a home that many owners pay little attention to until it’s too late. Regularly cleaning your eavestroughs and gutters can save you the time, money and hassle of serious water damage.


The Gutter Force cleaning system is better than manually cleaning your gutters.

Professional & Effective Eavestrough Cleaning

suck-it-up-yp-292x300Our unique suction system allows us to clean all debris, (plants, tennis balls, sticks, shingles) and leaves as well as all the mud and sand from shingles at the bottom of the eaves.

The old method of manually cleaning out your gutters with gloves simply doesn’t compare. You cannot get all the fine sand and muck with gloves or check downspout elbows!

With our system we are able to check the downspouts by reversing our vacuums to “Blow” and blowing air through the downpipes. If air is flowing then water will flow too. Guys cleaning manually cannot see if debris is trapped in the elbow which is closest to the house and often gets neglected which with a block can cause overflow and basement flooding.

After cleaning, there will be no debris left behind and rain water will freely-run through your eavestroughs and gutters and away from your home.
When we’re done cleaning your eavestrough, we even save the debris so you can see exactly how much was cleaned out. You could be surprised!

At Gutter Force, we’ve cleaned eavestroughs on more than 2,000 homes and we’ve perfected the right techniques and technology to offer the most professional and thorough eavestrough cleaning in Toronto, the GTA and beyond.

At Gutter Force, we’ve cleaned eavestroughs in more than 900 homes and we’ve perfected the right techniques and technology to offer the best possible eavestrough cleaning services in Toronto, the GTA and beyond.

Super Suction Cleaned

With our vacuum system everything in eavestrough is sucked out: leaves, mud and fine sand that can not be picked up manually with gloves.

Damage Free

By working from the ground we minimize the use of ladders which can cause scratches or damages on your eaves. We also minimize walking on your roof which can chip or damage shingles.

Prevent Careless Falls

We don’t walk on your roof so that we can prevent any error damage to your roof.

Saftey & Insurance Covered

We are fully covered by WSIB and backed by an established business that is licensed with public liability insurance of $5 million.

We strive to offer unmatched service and customer satisfaction.

We’ve raised the bar for quality standards in our industry!