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Small section of Eaves trough replacement vs cut and attach

Customer : Your quote would appear to indicate the replacement of a majority of the eaves trough vs. a repair that just covers the extent of the damage.

Hi Bruce
We noticed that there are two damaged areas on the eaves trough- left side and front right corner which affects two sides. We have to take down the whole left side section of the eaves trough in order to replace the damaged fascia (fascia behind eaves trough) on the left side.

We never do cut and patch repairs as they will inevitably leak and cause problems later. The proper and professional way to fix the eavestrough is to extrude a new run of trough from end cap to end cap.. In other words we are replacing the whole front porch overhang eaves trough 3 sides as three sides are damaged.
Our company is professional to deal with and our tradesman have many years of experience in commercial applications similar to the Kipling community centre.

Rotten wood underneath the Fascia and Soffit, Eaves trough coming off
Unless the rotten wood underneath the fascia and soffit is replaced the eaves will just keep coming off as there is nothing solid to secure the screws into.
In order to replace the wood, the eaves, fascia and soffit will have to be removed and replaced.

Seamless Eaves trough Replacement Professional Consultation
I have attached a quotation regarding the eaves trough replacement and Fascia, soffit options for your review.

Your house has very uniquely designed wooden soffit features. I am not sure if you would want to cover them with aluminum soffit They are in good shape and you may want to paint them or leave them instead of covering them.

If going forward with the new eaves, I do advise that you put an aluminum fascia behind the eaves trough as there will be less maintenance of painting and the wood behind will stay in better shape being protected. There is paint peeling off on the fascia now. So it would have to be painted at least before we would install new eaves. The soffit underneath is an option that you can decide on as a design issue.

New eaves and fascia will really upgrade the aesthetic look of the house and add value to it to match the new windows.

We can match the color of the window trim if you think that would tie in nicely. You can look at your neighbours to your left (from the road) to get an idea of how an eaves, fascia, soffit makeover looks

You may get other quotes from other companies which could be lower in price but beware as workmanship on this type of installation can vary and if installed incorrectly or without attention to detail can cause leaks between the fascia and eaves.

If you choose Gutter Force we would install these professionally with care and quality workmanship that will last.

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